1. Who is a Language Facilitator
    Language Facilitator is a person who is Bilingual / Trilingual. Can assist you in resolving language barriers.
  2. Who can obtain the services of a Language Facilitator
    Any Public Institution, a Citizen, Private Sector, any Civil Society Organization and Sri Lankans living abroad.
  3. Do you have make a payment for the services provided by the Language Facilitator.
    Yes. The approved Government rates.
  4. What are the approved Government rates
    Rupees 2.50 for a word translated;
    Rupees 1000/= for Eight hours’ work;
    Rupees 30,000/= for work per month on contract Basis.
  5. How can you obtain the services of the Languages Facilitator?
    Details of 301 Language Facilitators are listed with names and contact details.
    The list is categorized on a District Basis.
    The Language competencies are also spelled out of each Facilitator.
    Depending on the service one requires the Language facilitator could selected and contacted.
  6. Will there be another opportunity to be a Language Facilitator?
    Anyone with Bilingual / Trilingual competencies can register online to sit the competency
    Examination to be conducted in the 2nd Phase.
  7. How can the citizen benefit from this initiative?
    The Heads of Public Institutions will obtain services of Language Facilitators to provide the services to the citizens in the language of their choice.
  8. Is there a possibility of rating the services provided by the Language Facilitator?
    Yes. The work of the Language Facilitator could be rated by the person obtaining the services.
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