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Establishment of a database of resource persons with the Bilingual / Trilingual competencies at district level by the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation

Language is a fundamental right of all citizens of Sri Lanka and according to the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, it states that no citizen shall be discriminated on the ground of language. The Constitution obligation entitles the citizen to transact business and access the government, in the language of his/her choice.

In order to give effect to this constitutional obligation, it is the responsibility of the government to provide officers with bilingual competencies in all public institutions to serve the people in the language of their choice. Many initiatives have been undertaken towards this end, but the desired results have not been achieved. We find that there exists a remarkable dearth of officers with bilingual/trilingual competencies, in public institutions.

In order to bridge this gap, ONUR has initiated a new short term initiative. Accordingly, series of examinations were conducted to select resource personnel competent in bilingual and trilingual translations who could provide written and oral communication services. Either government servants. public service, or private sector or civil society could receive the service from their own district since the resource pool comprise of individuals from the districts. This initiative aims to bridge gaps, create new job opportunities, incentivize the language learning and ultimately lead us on the journey to create a tri-lingual Sri Lanka where anyone could receive any services in the language of their choice by optimizing the locally available resources.

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